Why is CloudToken the best PAID TO HODL wallet?

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we hope you had a chance to review our first article on CloudToken where we introduce the project.

In this article we want to give you some more insights and explain why we think CloudToken is real and legit.

Let’s start with the technical part. Ronald Aai is claimed to be responsible for the technology behind CloudToken. We actually reached out to him asking if he can confirm that.

Not only he confirmed that he is the Chief Architect of CloudToken, he also gave us some interesting insights about the wallet.

But first, a few words about Ronald. This is his official Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/ronaldaai


He has a lot of experience in the Blockchain space and also runs a company named Bit Beta.

So, what Ronald told us makes CloudToken very trustable and legit. He said that the CloudToken wallet is the first decentralized wallet that uses the public blockchain to store crypto assets. Which basically means that you can use other wallets to control the assets in CloudToken.

CloudToken provides total transparency of crypto trading on exchanges in real-time. Here is screenshot of that.


You can also see it live in your CloudToken DApp:

You can see live how much your JARVIS AI bot is making or losing.

JARVIS trading strategy is not based on momentum or trend, ema or macd…

CloudToken has developed its own strategy called Varoom.

This trading strategy was developed in collaboration with various math Professors.


Basically, the strategy is not looking at past data but looking for signals to react.

JARVIS looks for 3 point data to determine the trend.


Our question to Ronald was if funds that have been added to the AI trading bot can still be controlled by the user.

Ronald was totally open with us. Apparently, you can’t control funds of the bot because the top exchanges that have trade volume are centralized. Plus, you need to pool the assets together to trade.

This might sound like a disadvantage at first glance, but that’s the only way to make sure the AI bot is trading.

Ronald Aai was very transparent and didn’t try to hide any details that might appear as a potential disadvantage to users.

That really make us think that CloudToken has a very solid technology base with a lot of transparency.

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Happy earnings!

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