How to LEAVE Cloud 2.0 or migrate to JARVIS 2.0

Dear Cloud 2.0 members,

this video explains how to deal with the latest changes Cloud 2.0 has issued.

Here is a short summary:

If you stay:

You join the new Social Venture Network!

Jarvis 2.0 (DATA)

  • Members will be able to buy DATA and refer other people to DATA.
  • 500$ ist he maximum amount for new members. No maximum for existing members.
  • Referral commissions (across 21 levels) are paid in DATA (convertable to CTO).
  • C0 to C5 ranks will be calculated based on the number of team members and subscriprion value.
  • Your rank will determine the amount of CTOs you can used monthly.

Friday (CTO)

  • Members will earn monthly CTO through crypto arbitrage (1-4% monthly)
  • Minimum 1 mlm USD
  • Monthly revenue will be sent to OTC
  • Members enter a 6 months contract (your CTO are locked up for 6 months)
  • If members would like to have daily payouts they would have to go through the appointed lawyer and pay 50% fee.
  • In other words: you get only half of your earning if you want to cash out daily.

Merchant (CTO)

  • To participate members need to join company appointed Cloud 2.0 Franchise Business Unit.
  • Members pre-buy services in 5k/50k/100k/500k increments
  • Members redeem through CTO/BTC/USDT..
  • Non-members redeem through external wallets
  • Merchants receive 0.5% of the transaction
  • Merchants can move up ranks from CM0 to CM5

How can members spend their CTO?
Members will be able to spend their CTO in the ecosystem for e.g.

  • CloudTravel
  • CloudPrepaid
  • CloudRedeem
  • CloudSIM

If you leave:

Your original deposits of crypto will all be returned as per the type of crypto you deposited (BTC, ETH etc) in 7-14 days.
Enter your ETH and BTC address of your external wallets.

ERC20 address is for your CTOs. You have to use the contract address provided by Cloud 2.0 in order to create an external wallet for CTOs (we recommend that you do this using IMToken, TrustWallet, MyEtherWallet or Exodus applications (although there are hundreds more – it’s up to you).

If you’ve been using the “RE-ENTRY” feature in the past, converting your CTOs into OTHER cryptos into Jarvis, these cryptocurrencies will NOT be returned to you.
You will ONLY get back what you have ACTUALLY deposited from your external wallet + CTOs. Again, you will NOT receive any BTC or other AltCoins that you’ve “created” by converting your CTOs.

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