CloudToken FAQ

Is there a whitepaper?

Answer: Yes. Please click here to read it.

Is the company officially registered?

Answer: Cloud Token is registered under the name CLOUD TECHNOLOGY & INVESTMENTS PTY LTD in the Australian ASIC register.

Can I earn from referring even if I haven’t funded my own account yet?

Answer: NO. You can only earn your % and your matching bonus with a wallet value over $500.

How long does it take once our account is funded?

Answer: It has to be funded and the project activated for 24 hours before your first payday. That pay day will be the next day at the time you activated your JARVIS AI.

How long does it take to start seeing commissions from the teams?

Answer: It can take up to 48 hours before you start seeing the payout commissions for Matching bonuses

Is CTO a Utility Token?

Yes, CTO is utility token, because they need that to pay for your exchange fee, and withdrawal fee. And in the future, there will be prepaid card fee.

What happens if someone starts with less than 500 US?

Answer: This person will be receiving daily rewards from AI trading. However, that person won’t be eligible for affiliate commissions.

What is the compensation plan?


What is the minimum to fund your account?

Answer: If you want to earn commissions, the minimum is 500 US. Only we tell everyone to start with 600. Why? Because Bitcoin goes up and down in value. So, if you only put 500 and the price drops , you will not get paid that day until you bring your value to 500 again , so best is to tell everyone to start at 600.

Will I earn from referrals if I do not fund my account?

Answer: NO, but you will only miss out on the days you are not funded. As soon as you fund your wallet you will start receiving matching bonus tokens (within 24-48hrs)

What is the minimum we can withdraw of Cloud tokens?

Answer: 10

Can I fund AI Jarvis with parts of different coins meaning can I use $250 BTC and $250 ETH?

Answer: No. Minimum 500 USD per coin cannot combine balances from different coins.

Can the CTO token be tracked on Etherscan?

Answer: Yes. Here is the address: However, CTO will migrate to the BBS (Bit Beta System) network in due time. Please refer to the whitepaper for more details.